Richard J. Brzozowski

Growing up in rural New Hampshire, Richard Brzozowski was always interested in farming.  Not being from a farm family, he sought to learn all he could about agriculture.  He enrolled in 4-H at the earliest age he could.  He then went off to agricultural college and has degrees in applied animal science, fruit & vegetable science, agriculture, and agriculture education from land grant institutions in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Missouri.  He is a US Navy veteran having served as a Builder 2nd Class Petty Officer in the Seabees.  He taught vocational agriculture at the high school level for two years.  Since 1987, he has served as the county agriculture educator in Cumberland County, Maine for the University of Maine Cooperative Extension.  His Extension work includes a wide range of programming from consumer horticulture to sustainable agriculture.  He is currently involved in research projects that include sheep foot health, applied poultry science and agritourism.  He oversees Maine AgrAbility.

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