A Guide to Teaching Safe Tractor Operation

Tractor Safety Driving Course

Tractor Safety Driving Course

(Source: Pennsylvania State University, Agricultural Safety and Health Program)

The Agricultural Safety and Health Program of the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering at the Pennsylvania State University has developed a manual called Organizing and Conducting a Safe Tractor Operation Workshop to assist agricultural producers, employers, and other experienced operators in organizing and conducting hands-on workshops that address safety practices for tractor operators. Hands-on tractor operation training is valuable because many new owners, operators, and workers are entering occupations such as production agriculture, agricultural services, forestry, landscaping, and golf-course maintenance that rely on agricultural tractors to complete tasks.

Fewer people grow up learning how to operate tractors and equipment, so the manual is useful for training individuals with varying levels of tractor-driving experience and ability. In addition to training people involved in production agriculture, the manual can also be used to train volunteers who mow such places as school yards or churchyards, cemeteries, athletic fields, community parks, and the grounds at civic organizations such as the Lions Club.

The manual is a comprehensive guide that provides information about the following topics:

  • Choosing instructors, tractors, equipment, and driving courses
  • Driving and operating tractors and equipment safely
  • Conducting training workshops

The manual also includes performance evaluation forms.

To access the manual, click here to visit the website.


Reviewed and Summarized by:
Glen Blahey, Canadian Agricultural Safety Association -GBlahey@casa-acsa.ca

Linda M. Fetzer, Pennsylvania State University  lmf8@psu.edu
Dennis J. Murphy, Pennsylvania State University  djm13@psu.edu
Michael Pate, Utah State University  michael.pate@usu.edu