How many tie-downs do I need to haul my skid steer securely?

The size and weight of equipment determine the number of tie-downs needed to properly secure a load. An additional tie-down is required for any attachments, such as a loader bucket. For example, a midsize skid steer weighing 6,200 lb. would require two tie-downs for its weight, plus an additional tie-down for every 10 ft. of length over 5 ft. In total, four tie-downs would be required to properly secure the load. 

Ensure that the tie-downs are rated appropriately for the load to be secured by checking the tensile-strength rating of the straps or chains. Check the tie-downs for frayed or torn sections and remove from service any damaged tie-downs. Consider chains and chain binders as a means of securing the load as well. Meet the requirements for numbers of tie-downs by using sound tie-down devices.

For more information, click here to be directed to the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association.