American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers


The American Society of Agricultural Engineers (ASAE) is a technical and educational organization for engineers and others dedicated to advancement of engineering applicable to agricultural, food, and biological systems. Originally founded in 1907 as the American Society of Agricultural Engineers, the organization changed its name in 2005 to the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) to include advances in biology to the engineering profession.

ASABE Standards Program

ASAE adopted its first standard practice in 1912. The ASABE Standards Program, which is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), is the recognized standard for engineering in agricultural, food, and biological systems. According to ASABE, standards are defined as engineering requirements or specifications prepared to define materials, products, processes, tests, testing procedures, and performance criteria to achieve a specific purpose. These standards are developed because there is a need to address a common problem. ASAE/ASABE has adopted approximately 75 standards that are totally or largely safety oriented.

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Ergonomics, Safety. and Health Division

The Ergonomic, Safety. and Health (ESH) Division was formed in 2002 to lead and coordinate the activities of ASABE so that the talent of its members are effectively applied to agricultural safety, ergonomic, and health needs of constituents served by ASABE. The ESH Division encompasses all aspects of agricultural safety, ergonomics, and health for users of equipment, systems, and facilities. The major areas of responsibility are addressed by five committees and special task forces. The five committees are ESH-01 Executive/Oversight Committee, ESH-02 Policy and Forward Planning Committee, ESH-03 Standards Committee, ESH-04 Technology Exchange Committee, and ESH-05 Nominations Committee.

ASABE Activities

In addition to the standards programs, ASABE offers annual professional conferences, publications, a technical library, and professional journals, including the Journal of Agricultural Safety and Health (JASH).

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